Electro Diesel is well spread nationwide, with our Head Office situated in Rustenburg and branches in Steelpoort, Kathu and Johannesburg. Our main core of business is Auto Electrical spare parts and repairs, fabrication of dashboards and harnesses, we boast a fleet of more than 30 vehicle to assist you in any emergency. We stock a wide range of Starters, Alternators, LED Lighting, Batteries, Engine Protection System, Collision Avoidance Systems and many more… We at Electro Diesel is proud to have our own Engineering Workshop to assist our clients with any custom made product related to our industry.



  • Auto Electrical

    Auto Electrical

    Our electrical department supply electrical spares for both Heavy Duty & Light Duty vehicles. We are proud to only supply the best brands on the market “Suppliers Logos” Starters & Alternators LED / HID Work & Spotlights Safety Lighting Bulbs Light & Heavy Duty Batteries Battery Packs Terminals Camera Systems Anti-Collision Systems And many more……

  • Field Services

    Field Services

    Our 24 hour standby service ensures that our customers are always our first concern. Our staff is fully equipped to handle any emergency. Our fleet consist of more than 30 Vehicles.

  • Collision Avoidance System

    Collision Avoidance System

    The VDS & PDS Systems: Protects vehicle to vehicle incidents Protects vehicle to static incidents. Protects vehicle to personnel incidents.  

  • Engine Protection Systems

    Engine Protection Systems

    As agents for Power Protect , EPS901 and NAE Monitor Systems, a full range of spares and equipment are carried to install and maintain these systems. New installations carry a guarantee of one year, whilst workmanship and materials on repairs are covered for 3 months. “Lubri Vent Logo” The lubriVENT offers you the following unique benefits: Direct acting, mechanical, valves ensure immediate reaction to a problem. Fully sealed, lubricated valves that, combined with special "O" rings ensure long, trouble free, service life. Large bore valves ensure the engine will develop full power at all times. Ideal in harsh environments e.g. Construction and mining. Not effected by high pressure washers and corrosion. This monitors the actual temperature of the engine. Coolant condition is not important. If the efficiency of the cooling system drops, regardless of the reason, the lubriVENT will react to the increasing temperature of the cylinder head and shut the motor at a pre- determined temperature. “Lubri Split Logo” Mechanical Measurement with the Precision of Electrical Shutdown. LubriSPLIT provides proactive engine protection through mechanical measurement and precise electrical shutdown, ensuring that expensive engine overhauls and downtime do not reduce profitability and utilisation. The development of LubriSPLIT became necessary when we found a growing demand for a system particularly suited to rotary type fuel systems and vehicles fitted with an OBC and a limp mode type system. The LubriSPLIT is a unique electro mechanical engine protection system for the smaller electronically controlled diesel engines and LCV's. The main features of the LubriSPLIT Engine Protection System are : It monitors oil pressure and engine temperature at all times that the engine is operating. It is fitted with a special mechanical heat valve that will react to metal temperature in the event of coolant loss. Built in timers control start-up procedures. It will stop the engine in the event of temperature or oil pressure problem, irrespective of the driver's reaction to gauge warning. Bolt-on kits are available for most of the popular models of vehicles on the market. Compatible with electronic diesel engines

  • Mining Supplies

    Mining Supplies

    We carry a wide variety of products and tools to assist in any emergency. Wheel chokes Trestles Lockout Systems Testers Consumables And many more….

  • High Voltage Electrical

    High Voltage Electrical

    We now offer High Voltage support and services. High Tension Power Mini Sub-stations 375 Kw Ventilation Fan Systems Pump Stations Domestic Electrical COC Cetrificates Conveyor Belt Installations

  • Engineering workshops

    Engineering workshops

    We have a fully rigged Engineering Workshop to assist with any special manufacturing. All products or customisation will adhere to proven working practices and strict quality controls.  

  • Rewiring Services

    Rewiring Services

    Rewiring Services


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